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4K LCD controller board

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Android Industrial Control Playback Box

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Product overview

This playbox uses Ruixin micro RK3368 chip, operating system is Android 5.1.1, with WIFI-2.4G/BT-4.0 module; supports 4K video decoding, HDMI-4K@60Hz output; board card has its own hardware watchdog, supports remote switch and network timing switch, supports remote OTA upgrade; supports the expansion of face recognition function; and can achieve smooth operation of various network terminals.

3. Product characteristics

◆RAM and ROM can be configured according to customers'needs.

◆Voltage DC input: DC + 12V, normal operation mode < 4.5W, standby mode < 0.3W.

◆Perfect support for HD video and image playback, support 4K output.

◆Timing switch function: support local daily mode and weekly mode timing switch settings, support network timing switch interface invocation; simple operation, high stability, high precision, convenient for the development and invocation of upper APP; realize system shutdown during shutdown period, external equipment does not respond, energy saving and environmental protection, and extend the service life of products and peripherals.

◆Support Android system customization, provide system API interface code, perfect support for customer top-level APP development.

◆Perfectly supports all kinds of peripherals, providing common peripheral support list and peripheral driver debugging

Appearance and dimensions of products

Front view

Rear view

Product size:
Height: 25 MM
Length: 172 MM
Width: 102 MM

Hardware parameters

CPU: RK3368, 8-core ARM-A53, 1.8GHz

MemoryDDR 2GB

Built-in memoryEMMC 8G(16G/32G/64G Optional)

operating system : Android 5.1.1

Decoding resolutionHighest support 2160P

Video formatsupport RM/RMVB,MKV,TS,FLV,AVI,VOB,MOV,WMV,MP4 etc

Picture format : support BMP、JPEG、PNG、GIF etc.

Play modeSupport multiple playback modes, such as loop, timing, insertion, etc.

Network : support Ethernet、WiFi、BT

Hardware interface

Power Supply : A 12VDC Input Port

Ethernet : 1, 10M/100M Adaptive Ethernet


HDMI : 1, HDMI 2.0 supports 4K@60HZ output

TF Card : Support TF card

Audio : Support left and right channel, MIC output interface

WIFI : Support WIFI-2.4G, BT-4.0

Power adapter
For your personal safety and the normal use of this product, please confirm whether the power supply you provide can satisfy the input information marked on the back of the power adapter of this product. It is recommended to use the original power adapter of this machine. When the original power supply can not be used under special circumstances, it is necessary to use the same specification power adapter (DC+12V/2A).

Matters needing attention
Please read this chapter carefully and strictly enforce it in use; it will help prevent damage to the playback box, extend its service life and protect your personal safety.
一、First, please read the random accompanying documents. If there are folders, please read them first.

二、Follow all safety warnings and signs on this product.

三、Please use the original power adapter or only apply this product according to the type of power supply specified in this product.

四、In thunderstorm weather, please don't plug in and pull out the wire. Power cord and other conductors may be connected with the outside world.

五、Please unplug the power supply before cleaning this product. Do not use liquid, spray or wet cloth for cleaning.

六、In order to avoid damaging the operating system, do not abnormally shut down or suddenly cut off power during operation, and do not work in a working state Move and shake the playback box.

七、Please do not dismantle the machine or try to repair the product by yourself. Please do this by authorized professionals.

八、Don't put the playback box near the heat source, try not to let the sun shine directly on your playback box.

九、Do not sprinkle water or other liquids on the playback box. If the following situation occurs, please immediately turn off the power supply of the playback box and wait for professional maintenance personnel to deal with it.
a. Damage to power cord or plug.
b. Conductive liquid is splashed into the product.
c. The product falls or the product shell seriously damaged
d. Unknown errors or obvious performance changes of products can not be eliminated after routine failure guidance.


This product has been strictly tested before leaving the factory. If you encounter problems in use, please contact the supplier. This chapter will help you to eliminate common faults and some simple operation problems or identify the reasons for the need to repair the faults.

1 Remote control  useless Make sure the remote control battery is electrified.
Please make sure that the remote control receiver is not blocked.

2 WIFI Network anomaly Please confirm whether the WIFI switch is turned on in Settings-WIFI.
Make sure the WIFI antenna is connected properly.
Make sure that the surrounding network environment is normal.

3 Ethernet can't connect Please confirm whether the "Setup-Ethernet" switch is turned on or not.
Please make sure that the network line and router are normal.

4 Abnormal Audio output Make sure that headphones and other audio devices are working properly.
Make sure the interface is fully plugged in.

5 HDMI Output Abnormality Make sure that the display device is normal.
Make sure the HDMI connection wire is normal.
Make sure that the HDMI interface is in normal contact.

6 USB device exception Make sure that the USB device is normal on the computer.
Make sure that the hardware parameters of USB devices are normal.
Make sure that the USB device is in the peripheral support list.

7 Playbox Indicator lamp abnormal Make sure the power supply of power supply equipment is normal.
Make sure that the ambient temperature used by Playbox is normal;
Please make sure that there is no short circuit in the external equipment.

    List of accessories


Remote control*1

Wifi antenna*2

wall hanging panels *2

screws *8

king box*1